Proud member of the Heineken Group having high quality of earnings, strong portfolio of value brands, offering the best service to our clients and therefore delivering stable profit growth. Working for a beer company like Brasserie Almaza certainly has its diamond glitter! We are a group of 220 highly talented people sharing depth knowledge in the field and meeting international standards. Our Company consists of five departments full of passion, energy and creativity: HR, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Finance collaborating together in synergy to provide best moments to our customers & consumers.

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Brasserie Almaza

Packaging Operator - مشغّل التعليب

منذ 9 أشهر Nahr EL Mot وقت كامل $-- لكل شهر
هدف العمل يتولّى مشغّل التعليب مسؤولية تشغيل بعض الآلات في قسم التعليب وحلّ المشاكل الأساسية التي تنشأ خلال العمل التي تؤثر سلبا" على نوعية ألإنتاج و كميته, كما أنه مسؤولاً عن...